Master Tim Coaching


Stay Sane and Stay Safe

I make no apologies for including this page since I get more questions about personal safety than anything else. Over the years I have seen too many guys – novices in particular, have their early experiences ruined by so-called Masters who showed no respect for them. We live in a modern world where Fantasy and Reality can both be explored in ways which were not thought possible just a few years ago. We need to understand both and allow common sense to dictate how we mix them up.

BDSM play must be consensual or it has no place in our community. Role play arrogance is a big turn on for many guys both Top and bottom but real arrogance is dangerous and frightens away more subs than anything else. I hope the following tips will help anyone who has taken the hugely courageous step of seeking out a Master to train and/or use them.

Be honest. If you are a complete novice say so from the start.

Be clear about your limits and stick to them until you are confident enough to move on. Don’t describe yourself as a No Limits sub – everyone has limits and you may be leaving yourself open to harm in ways you had not imagined!

First meeting with a new Master should be always in a neutral, public place.

Never meet alone with a new Master unless you have obtained the address and confirmed a telephone number (preferably a land line) in advance.

Tell the Master you are leaving his details with a trusted third party and actually do so if you can.

Agree a safeword for which there are NO exceptions. How about using your own first name? Easy to remember but rarely used by accident. You might also consider ‘traffic lights’ i.e. “red” = STOP, “amber” = slow down, “green” = more!

Set a time early in the session when you should be allowed to make a phone call to your trusted third party to confirm that all is going well.

If you are concerned that you might be coerced during the call, have a pre-arranged word or phrase to warn the third party of your difficulty.

Any Master worthy of the title will agree to these conditions. If anyone refuses, move on.

Safe Sex

One rare exception to my non-judgemental stance is this topic. Unless you are in a COMMITTED, MONOGAMOUS, LONG TERM relationship, you cannot guarantee complete safety. Those who say otherwise are the cause of the steady increase in HIV infection for which there is as yet NO CURE! I will not entertain or discuss any unsafe sex practices.

Respect yourself, respect your partners, just don’t do it.

Restrictive Bondage or Restraint

Be aware of restricted breathing, blood flow, trapped nerves etc. Avoid long sessions (i.e. overnight) especially if not closely supervised. Learn to look for signs of anxiety.

Breath Control

As with safe sex, you cannot be sure of the physical condition of the sub. They may have a heart condition of which they are not aware themselves. This practise can hold hidden dangers so beware.

Be aware, be wary, but have fun!